Driving around cyclists


That’s me drving my pickup behind an RV. That’s right. I have road rage. Just no patience at all. But I get over it.

Here’s adivce for a Boise Columnist for motorists encountering bicycles on the road way.

Five Ways Motorists Can Defuse Road Rage for Cyclists

Motorists must learn to accept cyclists as legitimate users of our public roadways.

By Bill Schneider, 9-09-10

Photo courtesy of bikeportland.orgPhoto courtesy of bikeportland.org

Last week, I suggested five ways cyclists can help defuse road rage. Now, here’s “the other side,” what motorists can do to not only curb anger, but also make roads safer and more pleasant for people on bicycles.

Before I get started, I should say, as I have several times in the past, all cyclists realize that the vast majority of motorists safely and courteously share the roads with us. But a tiny minority continues to make life miserable and hazardous for cyclists.

Read the Advice

Read his advice to cyclists using the roads

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