Ferry Flap

Guess I should be happy I don’t have to worry about whether I’m the first or last off the ferry. Last I checked all the ferries in eastern Washington were defunct.

What does bug me is the language used to propose changing the current practice in Washington of allowing bicyclists to leave the ferry before cars. The proposal comes from a commission charged with finding effeciencies for the ferry system. However, they say “safety” outweighs their efficiency goal here. They say dirvers are “anxious” and pose a hazard to cyclists. Seems to me that the soltuion to a cycling safety issue is not always removing the bicycle. That’s what officials in that Colorado town decided. That’s what one of the Nez Perce County commissioners thought until he was out-voted by the other two when we asked to put up Share the Road signs.

For some people and public officials, the bicycle doesn’t belong. Is it safety of the convenience of the motorist that concerns them.

On the same count I took that single lane turn off the blue bridge to Costco the other day. That’s not really wide enough to share though I have been passed there. This day I was squarely in the cneter of that lane, travelling between 15 and 20 mph. A small pickup pulled up close behind me and revved up his engine. He never backed off to a more comfortable following-distance. He was certain I’d pull over for his mission-critical passage.  Instead I held the lane and continued near the center line to the light where I intended to make a left turn. The engine revved a couple more times until I signaled the left, then went quiet.

I’m sure the driver of that pickup would endorse letting cars leave the ferries first for the safety of the cyclists.–Corrie

Ferry commuters – Go to the back of the line!

September 13th, 2010 by David Hiller

One has to wonder how long the cars had to wait for the bikes to unload on Bike to Work Day. (Photo: RedBox Pictures)

At the request of Governor Gregoire and the Washington Legislature, a panel of ferry system managers from around the United States was convened to assess Washington State Ferries planning, management and operations. Thursday, Sept. 9, the panel released its report and recommendations for improving ferry service in Washington state.

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