Flats and TS101 classes offered.

You’ve experienced the flat that won’t go away, right? You’ve looked and looked, but the next morning that tire is low. Can’t just put in a new tube unless you plan to do it everyday.

I’ve been teaching Flat Sessions recently mostly to the ladies. Changing a flat is something they often leave to hubby or some nice fellow on a group ride. Turns out the ladies do want to change their own flats.Check out TRC’s education page.

My goal is to get enough folks interested to have a TS101 class. Looks like I might have neough for two classes. That’s good news. The club needs to have an education component. Brice taught a class several years ago on basic maintenance but we’ve never offered anything on traffic safety. Neither the classes nor the flat sessions are restricted to the ladies.

As for that persistent flat, here’s a tale of woe which ends happily.–Corrie

Bike Tire Maintenance – Enlightenment

Recently I had a slow air leak in a tire that was driving me nuts.  It started one day when I was ready to commute home only to find that my rear tire had gone completely flat since I arrived to work in the morning.  I did what I normally do and have described on the blog before.  I took off the tire, did my best inspection for foreign material and since I had an extra tube with me and was in a bit of a hurry, just tossed a new tube on and rode home since I could not find anything obvious.

Read how the offending object was found

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