Too Old to Ride

When Cycle Oregon came through Clarkston in September, 2l010 the average age was in the mid 50s. Linda and I had noted that the average age looked a bit younger than the groups we usually ride with. A few years ago OBR had an average age of 57.

Yes, age may slow us down. My eyes prevent me from riding on anything but pavement, but I can go all day. In fact on the organized tours the age skews high because it is mainly the older folks who have the time and money to spend a week on a bicycle.

I recommend one of those supported tours. Nothing quite like it. You’ll be surprised what you can do. –Corrie

Never too old to ride a bicycle

Think you’re too old to take a bicycle tour or long-distance bike ride? You’re not.

The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) recently published its online survey of 5,900 cyclists from the summer of 2010.

The average age was 44.6 years old; 7% of the RAGBRAI cyclists were 65 or older, left.

When I left on my coast-to-coast bicycle travels many years ago, I feared I might be too old. I was 34. It seems laughable now, but bicycling seemed like such a youthful pursuit at the time that I thought I’d be one of th

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