Ban the Bicycle

We haven’t encountered a ban on bicycles locally though we know such sentiment exists. We know it when we are harried by voices, objects and a too-close pass. We know it when a local farm objects to our using the public shoulder, or a councilman hesitates putting up Share-the-Road signs out of  a “concern for our safety” which he called liability. We know it when a hotel refuses to let us bring our bikes into the rooms. We know it when rumble strips appear without announcement where no safety issue exists. Why don’t those cyclists just go away?

Be alert. No need to be argumentative, but please speak of transportatoin rather than recreation. If the bicycle is a toy, it is more easily consigned to the play pen.–Corrie

Bicycle ban on roads in Missouri county appears dead

After a series of public hearings in which the bicycling public had its say, a bill to ban bicycle riding on several roads in St. Charles County, Missouri, has lost the support of most councilmembers.

Bicycling advocates warn, however, that cyclists aren’t rolling onto smooth roads yet. The proposed ban prompted several other bills that pose unwarranted restrictions on bicyclists.

The bill was introduced in July by County Councilman Joe Brazil and was aimed at narrow, two-lane, shoulderless roads in the southwestern part of the county, such as Highway F shown here.

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