Triple A vs cyclists

Well, of course the automobile association would see dollars spent on trails and paths and other facilities for bicyclists as dollars that could have been spent to improve conditions for automobiles. You may want to join Rails-to-Trails effort to persuade them otherwise.–Corrie

Rails-to-Trails petitions AAA on bicycle and pedestrian projects

Are you a member of the American Automobile Association? It’s OK. Lots of bicyclists, myself included, are members.

We own cars and like the security of the roadside assistance that the club offers, as well as the travel and insurance coverage services.

Now the Rails to Trails Conservancy is concerned about a position taken by the AAA’s Mid-Atlantic Chapter to remove funding for trails, and other biking and walking projects, from the federal Highway Trust Fund. That segment of the transportation budget has been the source of funding for such balanced transportation projects since 1991.

Sign a petition

RTC is asking bicyclists and pedestrians to sign a petition to AAA seeking the auto club’s support for federal programs that “fund all ways of getting around — including trails, bicycling and walking.”

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