Too Cold to Ride?

Joseph seems tohave marked the end of cycling in the valley. Beautiful weather last weekend and no one joined me for a ride I did entirely in short sleeves. This weekend is grey and promises some rain on Sunday, but the temps forecast are in the 70s. The leaves haven’t even turned yet in the valley.

The two week forecast shows temps slightly above seasonal averages and mostly dry. But sometimes that means starting out on cold-crisp mornigns and returning on warm afternoons. Here’s a series of articles that should help you dress for Fall cycling.–Corrie

I paused for a second this morning as I swung my leg over the bike on the way out the door.  “Good grief,” I thought. “Can that possibly be?”

Indeed it was.  The big puffy cloud coming out in front of me that made me do a double-take was my breath, visible in the cold morning air. A sure sign that the temperatures are dropping as the seasons change.

via Fall Temps Mean Revised Dress On The Bike.

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