When you buy that first bike, the shop may give you some quick pointers on how to clean your bike–if you ask. Time was, I thought WD-40 was pretty slick (pun), but then I learned it is a solvent and not a lube. Actually, if you clean your chain regularly, a little synthetic lube applied to the dirty chain will give you all the degreasing you’ll need. Wipe down the chain good and apply another coat of lube, let it work in, and then wipe it down again.

You are better off with a commerical degreaser for really gunky chains but that shouldn’t happen unless you don’t clean it regularly–Corrie

Here’s a series of short articles on cleaning your bike.

Simple Steps Add Up – Make Maintenance Convenient and Easy

Tuesday March 18, 2008

Wet. That’s what a lot of my riding seems to be lately. Winter’s last gasp (hopefully) means the tail end of melting snow and but now we’re moving into early spring rain. And that translates into lots of crapola on the bike, from salt spray to road grime to just plain old water thrown up by my tires.

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