We Appreciate litter pickup

No, foolin’ that’s what the lady said who pulled up beside me as I picked up trash on Tammany Sunday. I think she may have been a neighbor. At least she uses the Tammany regularly.

Our Adopt-a-Road program is not the most popular club function but it is distinctly good public relations for cyclists in this community. Between the two Adopt-a-Road signs and the two brand new Share-the-Road signs, we’ve really assumed ownership of Tammany. That means, we need to keep our section clean.

Sorry I forget to schedule pickup earlier so we could have done an evening midweek instead of eating into the finest day of weather so far this fall. Look for us again next spring. A crew of five to ten can clean this two mile stretch in an hour. Hey, and we got in a good ride today as well.

Special thanks go out to those who gave up a Sunday morning to server their community.

Honor Roll for 10/17/2010

Gary and Donna
Mike and Nicki
Lee Bauer
Debbie and Scott

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