Top 10 big cities for bicycle commuting

Glad I don’t have to commute. Well, actually I did a commute or two this week. I almost always pick up the club mail on my bike. It’s on my way for my daily ride.

I do like to ride my bike to various meetings I’ve attended representing cyclists.

And a while back I rode my bike to the chiropractor’s office. I thought I might do Lindsay Creek but it was the last fine fall day of the end of October. Little wind, lots of sunshine. At Macintosh I just kept heading over Web Ridge. Can I call that a commute? I did get my treatment first.

So how does commuting stack up nationwide?

About 1 commuter out of 200 used a bicycle as the primary mode of transportation to get to work last year, a figure that didn’t change one iota since 2008.

Meanwhile, the number of commuters who admit to driving alone to work rose by 1% in the same time frame to 76 out of 100.

That’s quite a disparity and shows why bike advocates are pressing for more projects to be built that encourage people to ride their bicycles as transportation.

via Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More :: Top 10 big cities for bicycle commuting.

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