Do you stand?

Standing increases effort by about 5% I’ve read. The cost may be worth it if it allows you to breathe. I find I like to stand for a few strokes when ciimbing. It picks up my pace and allows me to spin seated for quite a ways before having to stand again or drop into a slower cadence.–Corrie

Frank Cavaluzzi stands up for what he believes, especially when he’s bicycling.

While riding in a group charity bicycle ride is enough for most people, Cavaluzzi rides to raise money or awareness on a bicycle with no saddle.

Cavaluzzi discovered a few years ago that bicycling out of the saddle helps open up his diaphragm for breathing to combat the asthma he was suffering. It also allows him to make a statement.

You can imagine that a fully loaded bicyclist pedaling into town on a bike with no saddle can spark some conversations.

via Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More :: “Standing bicyclist” completes GAP – C&O Canal bike tour.

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