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Ellen Kundrat spoke of “driving” her bike and then corrected herself. But I said “driving” was the right term.

She was taking TRC’s Fix-a-Flat class which should lead to a Traffic Safety Class next spring. She also said she felt more comfortable riding her bike in Seattle “where drivers are looking for you” than she does here in Idaho.

So the vehicular cycling vs facilities debate has come to Lewiston.

More bike lanes, paths, trails? Why not? Well expense for one. But did you know that many cycling advocates criticize the League of American Bicyclists for their emphasis on facilities in awarding Bicycle Friendly Status to cities and states?

This blog lays out the debate. The vehicular cycling side is based upon John Forrester’s work.


In his book, “Effective Cycling“, he says that “cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles,” and throughout the past several decades, he has been outspoken in his belief that additional or alternative infrastructure for cyclists is unnecessary and counterproductive.

via The Great Debate: Vehicular vs. Segregated Cycling | Commute by Bike.

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