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Okay, I like gadgets as well as bicycling. I used a Palm pda for years. It was my gradebook as well as repository of all sorts of useful information. But it didn’t connect to the internet and it didn’t make phone calls.

I have a gadget for my bike–a Garmin GPS. So when I got smart phone this summer one of the first apps I tried was GPS. It tracked and mapped my route but the phone got hot on a short ride and I didn’t trust its ability to find sattelites in the outlying areas where I ride. What good is a GPS that can’t find a sattelite?

Here are three apps including one that might be useful, Bike Doctor. Now All I have to do is figure out how to read that damn screen in the summer sun. –Corrie

When you head out cycling you usually take a few of the essentials with you. Pump, tire levers, spare inner tube, keys, and mobile phone. The final one can double up to offer a ton of useful functionality. Here are three apps that may be of use.

1/ Bike Doctor

[Disclosure: This is my app!]

Available on: Android and iPhone

If anything crops up during your ride you can quickly refer to the app for repair instructions. It’s far better than heading to the nearest bike shop and spending $10-$20 for a simple repair you can do yourself. The app also has some useful extras such as a bike safety check to be sure it’s ready to ride. This version has a total of 24 repairs.

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