Tactical Flashlight Bike Hack – BikeHacks

The times they are a changin’–Well, at least the light has been moved from the evening to the morning. Either way, you might get caught in the dark. Do you have your batteries charged? Or, try this hack.


Both being seen and seeing where you are going at night is very important.  There are many lights that are specifically made for commuting by bike, but with some ingenuity and some zip ties (or pieces of inner tube), almost any light can turn into a bike light.  Reader Papa Bear sent along the following.  If you have a light hack you are proud of, feel free to let us know.

via Tactical Flashlight Bike Hack – BikeHacks.

Click through to see photos of this homemade light system. No word on how much light Tactical Flashlights produce nor how much they might cost–Corrie

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