In Human Monorail, Commuters Pedal Above Traffic : Discovery News

Doug sends along this bit of Discovery–a human powered monorail. Of course, you only get to go where the monorail goes. And who would want to use the pod after Sean or even me?–Corrie

Shweeb is apparently the first human-powered monorail in existence. Inventor Geoff Barnett got the idea while in Tokyo, wishing he had a quicker and safer way to get around the city. His system uses pods locked inside an enclosed track that work efficiently with low resistance. The pods have seats that recline at 20 degrees, ventilation holes and roofs that reflect the sun.

While the human monorail is no human-electric hybrid vehicle, it does boast similar advantages, including being a useful way to stay in shape and operating on human power. Plus, it can go faster than I can on my bike…so far. Riders on the Shweeb have reached at least 30 miles per hour, although the company thinks the speed could be up to nearly 44 miles per hour on a longer straightaway.

via In Human Monorail, Commuters Pedal Above Traffic : Discovery News.

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