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I’m surprised at how much interest local entities have in increasing bicycling and pedestrian modes. Am I still in Lewiston? Both Moscow and Lewiston are involved piloting Complete Streets legislation in Idaho. I haven’t read Mapes book, but suspect he’s looking at Complete Streets as well as other movements that encourage alternate transportation. Click on the image to go to Amazon to learn more.–Corrie



“Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities,” written by Jeff Mapes, has been read and reviewed for well over a year, but it is still worth a read and a mention more than eighteen months after its publication. This book is wonkiness at its finest. Mapes, whose professional credentials are primarily in political reporting, covers a wide range of bicycle and transportation-related topics, combining his journalism expertise and his personal commuting experience to construct an insightful and very readable account of the role of bicycles in society today.

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