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This is not a motorbike. It is a hybrid electric bike. Hybrid means the motor doesn’t work unless you are actually pedaling. And this bike is marketed to commuters! These are the same guys who paint their rides garishly and attach odd bits to discourage theft. Can you imagine chaining this beast to a fence and leaving it all day?

They seem to think this is the transportation of the future. It is “green.” Everything else about it is fantastical including the suggestion that this is the bike Batman would ride. Yeah, you’d have to be Batman. The bike weighs 33lbs. A hybrid bike is meant to be electric assist. That is, when the battery is dead, you can pedal it just like any other bike–Well, any other bike that weighs 33kg. I’ll save you the trouble of looking that up. 33kg–72.75 lbs. These guys have been reading too many comics. If you’d like to view cool “birth of the . . ” video, visit M55 Hybrid Bike. –Corrie

The aim was a brave outward appearance, which bears resembles to the Transformers while providing the robust image of Terminator and functionality of the Batmobile. We strived to produce a product which no manufacturer was brave enough to transport from the design desk to the city streets. The M55 makes an item of previously unattainable luxury available for purchase: one can now buy the actual production version of a courageous concept design.

Our vision was a cyborgical design that deepens the feeling when the machine and the rider becomes one once the latter hops in the cockpit. The body of the Beast reflects power and strength with a hint of elegance. It is a stylish, unique vehicle that you won’t find in every corner.

via M55 – Electric bikes.

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