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I’m a fan of Castle. You know the writer and the beautiful detective. It is clever and touching mostly for the relation between the detctive and the writer. I can’t always keep up with the twists in the current investigation. So what’s this to do with bicycling?Well, the starts of Castle appear in this public transporation video. Still don’t get teh connection?Well, “he wants to get rid of all the cars<" is what someone said to me about the Mayor of Seattle's support for bicycling..Yes, ti is coming down to that. the age of everyone in his own SUV may be conubg ti ab ebd, You don't have to hate yourself for driving a car, but maybe you should check out public transit.There's a bus stop near where I live in Clarkston Heights. Maybe I'll try it one day. Word is you can take your bike with you. –Corrie

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