Chuck it all and go for a bike ride!

Jim McCracken is a dnagerous man. I’ve told you that before. Here’s the video and the message he sent me earlier.

On our ride Tuesday night, I was telling Steve Largent about this couple who sold everything & quit their jobs in 2002 and started traveling the world on their bikes in a financially sustainable way. Here’s an interview with them and their website: I’ve been telling Clare that this is my retirement plan… Jim

I teased him that he was either preparing Clare gently or issuing a disguised cry for help. “Stop me now!”

His response:

The key for Clare seems to be, she’ll go anywhere if our kids or grandkids are there. Now she wants to go to Oman to see our daughter and son-in-law. I said I’ll go if I can bring a bike…Like I said, a dangerous man.–Corrie

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