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“He wants to get rid of all the cars>”

It does seem that way sometimes as I read the bicycle advocacy blogs. And living here in the rural west, that seems wrong. Distances are too great to abandon our cars for the bicycle.

That looks different, however, from a city commuter’s point of view. Here’s an engineer discussing how we got this way. It isn’t about speed; it is about safety.–Corrie


In retrospect I understand that this was utter insanity. Wider, faster, treeless roads not only ruin our public places, they kill people. Taking highway standards and applying them to urban and suburban streets, and even county roads, costs us thousands of lives every year. There is no earthly reason why an engineer would ever design a fourteen foot lane for a city block, yet we do it continuously. Why?

via Confessions of a Recovering Engineer – Strong Towns Blog – Strong Towns.

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