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Sometimes that head band I wear feels like I have my helmet on. I don’t think I’ve ever actually ridden off without my helmet. Frankly I can’t imagine not wearing my helmet. But what about a short commute–just to the store-a mile? I never used a helmet as a boy and rode my bike all over everywhere without giving it a thought including riding no-hands all the way into town to go to the public pool.

Helmets make sense especially on those short commutes and slow speeds along bike paths. The hazard of falling or colliding with say a squirrel, small dog, or pedestrian make it more likely that you’ll hit your head. Will the helmet save you in a high speed collision? I doubt it. Might it make a difference at low speeds on a trail or a short commute? I don’t know, but why take the chance?–corrie

I was surprised about one reaction to my “10 Rules” post, it was the number of comments taking issue with my advice to wear a helmet when commuting in the city. Although all of the rules seemed commonsensical (to me), I thought that one in particular was non-controversial. Turns out I was wrong. But instead of paeans to free choice, much of the anti-helmet clamoring seems to try to justify not wearing a helmet as a safer (or safety-neutral) choice. Let’s look at the primary anti-helmet rationalizations:

via Four Myths About Helmets and Safety | Commute by Bike.

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