Could You Be Required to Walk Your Bike Through Clarkston?


You may recall hearing about Black Hawk, Colorado’s ban on bicycles last summer. It created quite a stir and I posted some of the news here. Now Gene Bisbee brings us up to date. Yep, the ban was upheld by a municipal judge. Does this set a precedent? –Corrie


The bicycle ban imposed on most city streets in the small gambling town of Black Hawk, Colorado, is legal, according to a municipal court judge.

The ruling means that the three ticketed bicyclists who fought their tickets in court, with the help of pro bono attorneys and the nonprofit Bicycle Colorado, will probably either pay their fines or appeal the cases.

Bicycle Colorado announced the judge’s decision on Wednesday.

via Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More :: Municipal judge upholds Black Hawk bicycle ban.

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