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Cars vs bicycles. Who’d have thought it was political? I just like to ride my bike. But when Blackrock, Colorado bans bicycles from all of its streets and someone tells me the mayor of Seattle wants to eliminate all cars, and someone else insists bicycle advocacy is a plot to take away our freedoms, you’ve got to wonder.

And I’ll give you the emphasis conservation of fuel and clean air does seem a bit crunchy-granola. So I really do welcome this article from a conservative cyclists who tells us how to talk to conservatives about bicycling. It makes sense.–Corrie

How to Talk about Cycling to a Conservative


I’m a registered Republican and I consider myself pretty conservative—so what the heck am I doing, you may wonder, writing a column on a bike advocacy blog? I’m a bike commuter, and I chair the Advocacy Committee of BikeWalk Virginia. What I am going to share is essentially the same approach I will use to try to make sure the Old Dominion does right by its cyclists and pedestrians, and gives us our fair share of the transportation outlays that always seem so car-centric. Our General Assembly is about to go into session, and I will be doing what I can to advance a pro-cycling agenda.

So, speaking as a right wing cyclist, here are some thoughts on how to talk to Republicans, Conservatives, TeaParty types, and even libertarians.

via How to Talk About Cycling to a Conservative | Commute by Bike.

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