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Before we get very far down this list, I’m taking my bike into the shop. I confess, I’m still not comfortable changing my own chain though I have done so a couple of times with mixed degrees of success. Still many of these are inexpensive and fit nicely in a corner of the garage. Still at this level, I’d say plan a tune-up at your favorite LBS.–Corrie


Every cyclist needs bike tools for day-to-day maintenance and the occasional roadside or trailside repair—but this doesn’t mean you need a workshop full of expensive hardware. Over the years, I’ve made it a point to peek into the toolboxes and scan the workbenches and peg boards of pro mechanics I know and trust. Along the way, I’ve learned that their choices aren’t always the most expensive or exotic tools. They are simply the best at getting a job done, and done reliably, every time. I’ve distilled their selections to these essentials.

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