Ed Pavelka retires from bicycling journalism


I’ve been reading RoadBikeRider for several years. It is a compilation of racing, cycling, and training news and tips. i’ve never signed up for the premium site but I enjoy the short pieces delivered to my inobx on Thursdays for several years. Recently Pavelka switched to a bi-weekly schedule. Now he has retired altogether. No word about the publishing schedule going back to once each week. I’ll stay subscribed and see what I think. Corrie


Ed Pavelka retires from bicycling journalism

by Gene Bisbee at 08:02AM (PST) on December 16, 2010  |  Permanent Link  |  Cosmos

You roadies out there probably know the name Ed Pavelka.

If memory serves me, I first ran across his byline on some entertaining and informative bicycle reviews he wrote for Bicycling magazine many years ago as he discovered the limits of bicycles he tested on the rolling Pennsylvania countryside.

He has served as editor of VeloNews and Bicycling magazine, and his name has appeared as author on more than a dozen books still available at Amazon.com.

Now he has announced the sale of RoadBikeReview.com, a website he launched in 2001 that focused on helping sport-recreational bicyclists improve their conditioning and riding skills to get the most out of bicycling.

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