Eight Solutions for Riding a Bike in the Snow – BikeHacks

The week before Christmas in the valley saw snow on monday that just didn’t seem to melt disapoint highs in the upper 30s all week long. Apparently hitting 36 for 10 minutes doesn’t quite do it. On top of that, there’s something about the street in front of my house that keeps snow and ice on the ground. I couldn’t bring myself to get out until Snnday after Christmas. But for those of you with real snow and an urge to cycle, here are some solutions.–Corrie


NYC got hit with its first major snow storm of winter yesterday.  Snow is pretty in NYC for a few hours and then unfortunately is starts to turn into brown, garbage riddled slush.  Some people do not want let a little thing like snow keep them from riding their bike.

via Eight Solutions for Riding a Bike in the Snow – BikeHacks.

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