New website and videos from bike traveler Heinz Stucke

Happy New Year

Bad enough winter keeps me to a few local routes in the valley, but the cold, rain, and snow, are keeping me off the bike entirely. Makes one long for the open road. Travel and adventure are best conducted from an armchair with a cat on your lap, Chuck says. But for those of you who’d prefer to roam further afield, here’s another professional tourist on a bike. Watch yourself, Jim.–Corrie

If there’s a living legend of bicycle touring, it’s Heinz Stucke, the world’s ultimate bike traveler.

Born in 1940, the cyclist has been pedaling down the road for 48 years after leaving his hometown of Hovelhoff, Germany, on a 3-speed bicycle.

via Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More :: New website and videos from bike traveler Heinz Stucke.

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