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I’m a recreational cyclist. Shh . . . I don’t like to admit that I don’t use my bike as transportation. Oh, I’ll go the post office or the bank for club business or to some meeting but the truth of the matter is I don these things enroute on my regular everyday recreational ride.

But I don’t like to admit that because it puts the bicycle in the “toy” department and I don’t want the bicycle and bicyclists to be treated as though we weren’t important components of the transportation system.

All this means is I rarely leave my bike for more than a few minutes and usually then have it within eye-sight. If you are transporation cyclists commuting to work, that bike may sit unattended all day.

Linda’s lucky. St. Joe’s provides a locked bicycle cage.  But even there she needs a bike-lock. Unfortunately as this blog says, everylock can be defeated by someone with the will to so. Still a good lock can discourage most thieves of opportunity.–Corrie


You will hear many who cite the rule of spending 10-20% of the value of your cycle on locks. I disagree with this and suggest you spend as much as you can afford. Sometimes a rust-bucket bike worth $150 can mean as much to someone as a $1,500 road bike does to another–and you can cut through some $15 locks with scissors.

via The Very Best Bike Locks | Commute by Bike.

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