TRC group ride for 2011

Jim and others,
Jim Kenyon called me to day looking for someone to join him in the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Eastern Washington tour in either May or June. Wanda has scheduling conflicts. So, yeah. I am interested.
But Sandy Wambier (Lane)  proposed a group appearance in a ride last fall and Linda and I have a couple we are looking at

I’m just going to throw out the information I’ve got for us to look over. I would love for us to have a club presence. It would be great to share one of these tours or even weekend events. Linda and I will most likely sign up for the WBikeRide within the week no matter what. Still open to one of the others.    Jim, I like the looks of the Cascade ride.

1. Washington Bike Ride: July 23-29 just got registration information after we talked today from Sandy at Oregon Bike Ride. Linda and I have done half a dozen tours with this outfit and they are the best.  Check out the website at You can see the costs by clicking on All Rides. It works out to 17 to 18 hundred for a couple this year. That’s a couple of hundred more than we’ve seen in the past. Still a good value for what they provide. The Washington ride starts near the Dalles so we’d be able to make it there in one drive saving a motel room on the way over. Coming back would be different since it ends on a 50 mile ride. You wouldn’t be able to start home until early afternoon.
2. Cascade Club options: Eastern Washington Tour May 19-23 or June 2-6 Sounds like you have to make your own motel reservations and doesn’t offer a list of recommended places. I’d want more information. This is also a tougher ride with all the climbing. They have a little more information on their domestic tours page. This sounds like a really good ride but not one I’d want to take Linda on. Although they don’t call it a race, they are careful to point out the climbing and give a pretty clear idea of what kind of riding you need to have been doing. I think you and i would be fine. Wanda and Linda might have trouble.
3. Three Rivers Race> June 5 This is a charity event starting in La Grande. It has foot races and a couple of rides including a century. You can compete as a team which may be why Sandy Wambier proposed it to me last fall. Here’s a weekend fairly close by for the club to participate in together. Shoot we can even have some folks come along for the run.
4. Century Ride of the Centuries May 28-31 starts in Pendleton. It is sort of a fiesta. You have a mneu of things to do.
5. June 4th: And of course, my current favorite ride: Chafe in Sandpoint 150 and 80 mile opitons. I’ve got Dave and Gary looking at doing this one with me this year.

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