The Great Debate: Vehicular vs. Segregated Cycling | Commute by Bike


I often mention vehicular cycling. What I may not make clear is that not everyone supports vehicular cycling. All those bike boxes and bike lanes and separated paths we read about going in in Portland and Seattle generally have the support of the cylcing community. But hard core vehicular cyclists at best have mixed feelings about spending on infrastructure.  This Commute by Bike article sortrs out the Great Debate.–Corrie



One of the most contended points in bicycle advocacy is how cyclists fit into the overall transportation picture and what course of action best benefits individual riders and cyclists as a group.  Two distinctly different schools of thought exist: vehicular cycling and segregated cycling.  While the vast majority of cyclists fall somewhere in between the two extreme ends of the spectrum, there are also a number of passionate advocates who remain firmly on opposite sides of the fence.  So what is everyone so excited about?

via The Great Debate: Vehicular vs. Segregated Cycling | Commute by Bike.

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