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Jim sent along this photo of a bicycle tourist he met in Asotin this fall. Here’s what Jim had to say:

Here’s a picture of Cliff Crego who I met in Asotin this fall.  He was riding his bike back to the Wallowas from Glacier Park pulling his trailer full of mountaineering gear.

He’s a photographer, artist, musician, mountaineer, bike rider.  His website deserves a look:


I followed the link and found a hodg-podge sort of page that put me off. But click around. You’ll find some great pics and some nice poetry.–Corrie

About Cliff Crego . . .

Cliff Crego is a composer, (former) conductor, teacher, poet, translator, and art / nature photographer.

He is currently on an extended bike/ski/
mountaineering trek
of the
Pacific Northwest.

His base in North America is in
the rugged and beautiful Wallowas,
in an isolated corner of northeast
Oregon; In Europe, he is based both
in the Netherlands, and the central part
of the Swiss Alps.

Weekly updates of his photos, poems &
metaphysical journals for this trip can be
viewed at:


Cliff Crego

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