2011 RSVP sells out first; other options for Vancouver bike rides

You’re telling me! I was on the Cascade Registration page at noon and didn’t complete my registration until 10 pm.

If you are a Cascade Bicycle Club member you get early registration for their some 30 rides and tours. If you are not a member, you must wait until February. Good luck, waiting.

When Kenyon came to me asking for a companion for his planned Eastern Washington Tour, I was in. Four days of riding averaging 75 miles with 3500 to 5500 feet of climbing each day? What’s not to like?

Well, the registratin process.

Since I am a member, I didn’t think I’d have much trouble and didn’t give it a thought. Turns out being a member isn’t good enough. You’ve also got to have an account at shop.cascade. Darn.

The Eastern Washington Tour starts in Chelan, travls to Omak, Republic, Coulee Dam, and back to Chelan. Yeah, some of that is pretty hot country but the tour is late May and Early June. Should be good cycling weather.

This tour fills up with 40 riders but they have two versions. At noon I could see the registration screen for the June dates but not for the May dates we wanted. Jim and I talked by cell phone several times. I promised to sit at my screen and keep hitting enter until the pages loaded.

I did end of year bookkeeping, cleaned up my paper records, worked on the new club page and somewhen realized I didn’t have an account. Slow loading pages meant I wasn’t likely to get one either. By 4 pm I was fed up and told Jim I’d try again in the evening.

Pages still weren’t loading at 7. later they were. Turns out I had an account but had to reset my password. I could still see only the June dates and tried to register. Jim had already succesfully done so. B when I got in, the ride was sold out.

Disappointed but not crushed. There are other rides, you know, I went to bed. About 9: 50, Jim called again apologetic about the hour saying “I’m all set to hit submit on my registration for the May dates.”

The May version had suddenly appeared and had openings. I filled out the forms and Jim and I hit submit simultaneously.

Don’t think Jim plans to do the ride twice, but as of now, he is registered for both. What a man!–Corrie

As predicted, the Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party is the first 2011 Cascade Bicycle Club event to sell out during this year’s registration.

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