Adventure Cycling opposes oil-gas megaloads on scenic bicycle routes

The Megaoloads have been in the Tribune for months. Since they will travel only at night, one guesses the Adventure Cyclist won’t encounter one on the road though he might have trouble finding a pullout in whcih to camp come night time.

Somehow I don’t think even an organziation like Adventure Cycling wll have the clout to stop the big boys and their toys. Recreational interests tend to come out short vs. economic ones in Idaho. Hard to say before the fact what the impact on tourism might be which is why the court says tourism can’t be cited to prevent the loads from moving. –Corrie

The prospect of huge truckloads of oil industry equipment using rural roads frequented by traveling bicyclists in Idaho and Montana has drawn the opposition of the Adventure Cycling Association.

Beginning this year, what has been termed “megaloads” of oil exploration and refining equipment may begin rolling out from Lewiston, Idaho, on Highway 12 in Idaho and Montana, and Highway 200 in Montana (see map detail at left from New York Times).

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