Are the children too fat? Yep, that’s what the study says. So what’s a parent to do? Turn off the TV? NO! Make the tykes pedal to keep the TV on.

Typical! I’ll be that is not the family TV hooked up to the little guy’s bike. It’s easy to target the children but they are not obese because they are lazy and have no moral restraint when it comes to food. The problem lies in “ourselves, not in our stars.”

Put the parents on a diest and the children will follow. Put the parents on a bike and the children will follow. We are trying to fix obesity by fixing the kids. I’m not against efforts to get kids active; I’m just suspicious that those efforts make us feel better but don’t addess the probloem that it is the adults who set the  example for exercise and diet.–Corrie


According to the Surgeon General, an estimated 9 million children were overweight in 2001

In 2010, 46 percent of children in North and South America will be overweight, with 15% qualifying as obese, according to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health projections

via KidExerciser.

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