Cyclists Serve and be Heard

The results effectively show the direction of the relationship. Cities and states with higher levels of biking and walking have lower levels of obesity and diabetes.

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I find myself doing something I never expected, visiting the Aostin County Health Deptment. Linda’s the medical person in our family. I’m lucky to remember to take my daily vitamin.

So, what am I up to? It is called Healthy Communities and it is a Washington State program. The Asotin plan has three committees, physical activity, workplace wellness, and nutrition.

I’ve got them headed toward some Bike Month activities and perhaps support for the TS101 class I want to teach this spring. We are assessing bicycle routes in Clarskton and Asotin County.

Bicycling is more than just going out for a ride. Sometimes you have to get involved to make cycling better for yourself and improve your commuity at the same time. We have two opportunities to do so right now.

The Active Living Task Force which is part of Idaho Smart Growth (an Idaho Dept of Health program) is looking for Lewiston folks to serve on a task force for 12 to 18 mos to identify a specific goal. Wouldn’t it be cool if their goal including ehancing policies for alternative transportation like bicycling? You could make it happen.

And the City of Lewiston has a vacancy on its Transportaton Adviosry Committe which reports directly to the city council. They look at projects around the city and consider what the impact is likely to be on tramsportation. They can recommend against approving some permits because the infrastructure wouldn’t support the increased traffic. It isn’t bicycle specific but they really need someone who knows Lewiston streets and will think about bicycle routes.

By the way their May 4th meeting will be focussed on Bicycle Routes and it is an open meeting. We should have a few TRCers present. I” be sending out more information soon.


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