Review: Grease Monkey Wipes



I’ve never brought my bike inside to work on. Okay, so I have brought in a wheel to change a flat in a warmer environment than the garage. But greasy filngers happen in the garage too, of course. I used to have a tube of simple green paste expressly for cleaning the hands. It’s used up now and I’ve not replaced it. Out on the road, though, I still have nothing. A couple of  wipes would be nice. –Corrie

I will admit that it probably wasn’t smart to bring my bike into the family room to work on it.  After all, that’s the “nice” room of our place. That feeling was confirmed by the look on my daughter’s face when a bunch of greasy bearings fell out of the hub from my rear wheel and plopped all over the carpet, leaving a bunch of nasty spots that I was sure would never come out.

via Review: Grease Monkey Wipes.

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