What does it mean to ride a bicycle responsibly? | Grist

Bike Scofflaws. You know who I’m talking about. They cut across parking lots to avoid the intersection, run stop signs and lights, and cut in and out of traffic. They give us all a bad name. But wait, are cyclists even the worst scofflawas on the streets? Think about it and while you are reading this piece, follow some of the links.–Corrie

Prejudices abound about people who ride bikes. The classic ones — that people who ride are both entitled elites and impoverished losers — are brilliantly contradictory. Then there is the myth of the freeloading bike riders, which we debunked here. The idea that people obey the law less on bikes than in cars is another baffling falsehood that has over time hardened into conventional wisdom.

But you may be thinking right now — Hey, I see them break the law and ride unpredictably all the time!

Well, yes. But in greater rates than people driving cars? Or walking?

via What does it mean to ride a bicycle responsibly? | Grist.

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