Bicycle injuries and fatalities cost more than $5 billion a year

It is not surprise that children account for most of the bicycle related injuries and therefor most of the costs to society associated with bicycle injuries. Nor is it surprising to find helmets recommended for children.

I’m disappointed though that in the concern for children and bicyclists in general, no mention is made of the benefits of safe-cycling practices. Children account for most of the injuries, I’d guess, because they are last likely to follow the rules of the road when riding a bike.

Not that helmets aren’t important. I wouldn’t ride without one. It’s just that the helmet is a passive device. The brain it protects needs to be trained to avoid the accidents from which a helmet might protect us. –Corrie

. . . children accounted for 53% of all bicycling injuries, with 96% treated and released from emergency rooms. Although their injuries were not life-threatening for the most part, they accounted for $2 billion in medical and lost productivity costs — nearly 40% of the bicyclists’ totals.

via Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More :: Bicycle injuries and fatalities cost more than $5 billion a year.

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