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I had a loose spoke on my rear wheel. Well, one I knew of. Yes, i do check my spokes regularly and I had been tightening this one spoke every couple of weeks since I bought my second pilot last fall.

Bruce at B&L fixed that spoke and about 6 others I hadn’t known were loose.

My wheel hadn’t been out of true. A slight wobble can be detected by spinning the wheel and keeping an eye on the distance of the brake pad from the rim. If you tighten one side, you should loosen spokes on the other side. That’s because the spokes actually serve to pull on the rim to keep it round. When one is loose, it doesn’t pull and the rim goes out of round. You want to pull it back in. But you want to be careful not to pull too much.

This can be a very delicate operation requiring a finer tolerance than the brake pad can offer. A truing stand isn’t too expensive but really how often do you have to true a wheel.

For me, pulling the wheel and walking it into a local bike shop is probably more efficient. But you DIYers will want your own stand. If you want also to to inexpensively, here’s a hack to build your own.–Corrie


In all my years of cycling, I have only tried to true a wheel one time and it did not work out so well for me.  I tried to true it on my bike by using the brake pads and did not do enough research prior to engaging in the task.  I ended up with a permanent wobble in my wheel by the time a pro had finished cleaning up my mess.

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