Spinning vs. Mashing

When I first started with the club, I had been a runner. I knew running was tougher than bicycling. I knew I could go faster using the big ring so I did. That’s called “mashing” or pushing a big gear.

I’ve since learned that I can go farther for a longer period of time at the same speed if I spin.  Once you are up to speed, you use the momentum of the bike itself adding just a tad of pressure on the downward stroke and a bit of pull on the upward stroke. When you feel the effort increase, shift to s bigger cog in back and keep spinning.

This doesn’t work well on long climbs. I am unable to stay in a spinning gear and end up doing what I call “grinding.”

Bill McPherson, however, is a masher. He’s tried spinning and doesn’t like it. Bill doesn’t care for the long, all day rides I do. Instead he likes to push hard racing up a hill. So maybe mashing is the right way to handle a hill. Me? I just avoid ’em.–Corrie


Which kind of pedaler are you? Do you mash the pedals or spin them?  I’m a shameless masher and make no apologies about it, though I could probably go faster if had the mental discipline to focus on spinning at a faster pedal cadence.

via Spinning vs. Mashing.

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