Bikes are vehicles, except . . .

Here’s an Oregon officer responding to a question we might ask: Does a car have the right to cross double yellow lines in order to pass a slow moving bicycle? It is specific to Oregon and the answer is yes but be careful because it Idaho the answer is no.

Of course with any such situation discretion must apply. But consider Idaho’s many twisting mountain roads. A yellow line might not even exist. What to expect in that situation? Idaho cyclists fully expect to be passed because Idaho motorists fully expect the cyclist to get out of the way.

Which is why you are doing yourself and the motorist a favor by taking that lane until it is safe for the motorist to make that pass. I think it is just fine to give the slowing signal and take the lane on those blind corners, but the cyclist should give the “pass me” signal and move over once it is safe for both the cyclist and the motorist for the pass to happen.

Doesn’t hurt to brush up relevant state law as it applies to cycling. You can find links to them on the advocacy page.



I love getting bicycle questions to answer because whenever I do, it generates a whole bunch of feedback. To answer your first question, I wouldn’t cite the bicycle for impeding traffic on Hillcrest for a couple reasons. One, if I remember correctly, there are no bicycle lanes in the section between Oxford Place and East McAndrews Road, so they have to be using the travel lane, which they are entitled to do.

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