Abandon ‘Share The Road’

In the discussion last fall about putting up Share the Road signs, this very well-expressed point was suggested: Do Share the Road signs give the wrong message.

The signs address both bicyclists and motorists. Thoughtless cyclists who ride two or more abreast when traffic is present are not sharing the road. Do the signs remeind them to single up when cars are passing? I hope so.

But for a motorist to interpret these signs to say bicyclists should get out of the way seems a willful misunderstanding.–Corrie

I squeeze the brakes to avoid becoming road pizza, then pull around to the driver’s side window to explain (politely) that she should wait until it’s safe to pass. Her smug, snotty response? “Bikes are supposed to share the road.“

via Abandon ‘Share The Road’ » Cyclelicious.

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