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Donna said she had been intimidated by us at her first few ice-cream rides. I say it is all the spandex and bright colors that discourage people, particularly women, from joining in for a bike ride. We either forget or never knew that bicycling was all the social rage in the 1890s and spandex hadn’t even been invented. Ladies, come join us.–Corrie

The fad of the 1890s was bicycling. Fueled by feature articles in magazines and newspapers, men and women turned to the bicycle by the thousands.   Remember, this was before the automobile, so the bicycle was not just a toy – it was  personal transportation.

But there was a major hindrance to women riding bicycles – their skirts. The problem was solved in several ways. First, and probably most common, was the wearing of a shorter skirt, with the hem several inches from the ground. This skirt would have been paired with bicycle boots that laced almost to the knee, or wool gaiters worn over the shoes.

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