WSDOT – Collision Data Request

Lee contacted

Dave Dean

WSDOT Eastern Region

Route Development Engineer



Dave Dean obliged by giving us this link to a WSDOT freedom of information collision data requst form. No doubt Ken Helms from ISDOT could do the same for Idaho.

I’m not sure if “collision” is being used generally to include one vehicle run off incidents. If it did, it would be useful in arguing for or against the necessity of rumble strips such as though appearing going north to Colton.

Thanks, Lee


To Request Collision Data

If you would like to request collision data (pursuant to Public Information Release of Collision Data Policy Statement P 2021.00)(pdf 492 kb), complete the Request for Collision Data form below. You may complete the report online (See Instructions below), then print it and mail or fax it to:


Collision Data and Analysis Branch

PO Box 47381

Olympia, WA 98504-7381

Fax: (360) 570-2449

via WSDOT – Collision Data Request.

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