To Hell and Back 180’s not alone

I’ve done enough centuries now that I know what an easy and a hard cnetury on a road bike feels like. I know that 80 miles of loaded mountain bike touring can be pretty grueling. But a hundred miles, racing?

Here’s a list of endurance races of 100 miles or more. No mention of our own Crazies’ 180 miler they are calling To Hell and Back 180 scheduled for Saturday, July 9, 2011. See the club calendar and their Facebook Page–Corrie

Endurance mountain biking racing has become very popular the last several years. 100 mile races are particularly popular. A 100 mile mountain bike race is also known as a dirty hundy. The terrain for the races vary a lot and also the amount of support varies from well stocked aid stations to races that are self-supported.

via 2011 100 Mile Mountain Bike Races | UltraRob’s Adventures.

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