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Giving directions in the age of the internet gets more and more precise. I once snapped photos on the route to my house and posted a page I could link to in an email to give directions.

Now all the mapping sites include pictures. Google maps is probably the most complete. With their “trike” they can add pictures of trails where cars don’t go.

Of course there is a lag in updating thse. I checked Scenic Way in Clarkston but the pedestrian/bicycle path wasn’t shown.

Still its pretty cool to fool around with. Clumsy, though. Hard to pin point just where you want to see. Much better for touring national monuments and world cities from your desk.–Corrie

Google has added their pedal powered Trike images to Streetview on Google Maps.

“The Trike” is Google’s man-powered version of the Google Streetview car that captures 360 degree images and saves them along with GPS data. The Trike is used to capture Streetview data where the cars cannot go — on bike paths, for example.

via Google Trike images on Streetview » Cyclelicious.

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