Bicycle Hymn of the Republicans | Commute by Bike

There’s a bit of crunchy-granola about bicycle advocacy. Right or wrong, politics has crept into bicycle advocacy. Commute by Bike takes in directly including a link to the great blog “How to talk to a Conservative about bicycling.”–Corrie


Since posting my parts 1 and 2 of my experiences visiting my elected representatives, a few people have asked, once again, why cycling is perceived as a partisan issue.

Why did I assume that the Republicans would be tougher customers than Democrats?

Why are conservatives on bikes assumed to be liberals?

I’ve got my hunches.

Promoting cycling should be bi-partisan (or bike-partisan, as cycling wonks like to say), but it’s not–yet. The fact is, elected Democrats tend to support cycling more than elected Republicans.

via Bicycle Hymn of the Republicans | Commute by Bike.

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