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Doug sends along this link. It looks like a nice route except for the 30% gravel. Despite that the pictures show road bikes. Linda and I will actually start our Oregon Bike ride in the Dalles this summer. Hope we don’t cover the four miles describe below. I’m sure they are just what attracted Doug in the first place.–Corrie


Fyi, there is a 4 mile section on Brooks Meadow/Skyline near FS-17 that the Park Service has “reverted” to a gravel road – meaning they destroyed perfectly good blacktop to eliminate future maintenance costs.  The road itself is in horrible shape for riding and just might be the worst road I’ve ever ridden on – requiring pushing our bikes through several particularly bad spots.  Ironically, this is exactly where we pushed our bikes through the snow 3 months earlier.  Side note:  Watch out for hillbillies shooting guns in this area.

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