5 and 5 System

With everyone simplifying things be going to single speed bikes, there was bound to be someone who’d add another chain and gears on both sides. This way you can get a chain tatoo on both calves.–Corrie

Okay, so this was an April first post. If you liked this, try the chain cleaning system from the same company.

Do you remember when a “10-speed” bicycle actually had 10 speeds?

Are You Dish-Gusted with potato-chipped rear wheels?

Now we’re up to 10 sprockets at the rear wheel alone, and counting…

Of course, that’s great – more is better! But having all the sprockets on the same side of the wheel is silly in the extreme! If present trends continue, before long the right-side spokes will have to lean to the left, or else cyclists will lose their balance reaching for the right pedal! Either of these developments would put an end to cycling as we know it!

To the rescue: the ShelBroCo 5 and 5 system.

via 5 and 5 System.

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