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Phil Liggett went on and on about Dave and his Clean Bottle on the Tour de France broadcasts last summer. Here it is.  I might clicked through and ordered a couple. The bottom screws off just like the top and after a couple of rides, still remains water-tight. If you are tired of the grunge at the bottom of your water bottles, you might want to click through too–Corrie

. . .  he also has a clever idea in his “Clean Bottle” water bottles. 22 ounce Clean Bottles fit in a standard bicycle bottle cage, and they have screw on lids on both the top and the bottom for much easier cleaning to avoid the grodiness you might find at the bottom of traditional water bottles.

Find out more about Clean Bottle and buy from Clean Bottles are about $10 each, or four for $30. If your name is Guy Kawasaki, Dave aka “Bottle Boy” will even hand deliver the bottles!

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